Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tired puppies

Camping is exhausting.

Spring Break tired all of us out - Bailey included.  Hayden & Bailey slept a lot when we got back.

We ventured only an hour north to Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma.  Because we went midweek, our camping spot wasn't too crowded and we had a view of the lake.  The boys went straight down to the water with Hawkins's kayak while Husband and I set up camp.  Our tent looked like this:

You can see the lake from inside the tent through the trees.  

I must say my favorite thing about camping is this:

Husband had the foresight 20 years ago (!) when we were mere pups dating to convince me we needed to invest in sleeping bags from The North Face.  This is a great company and they make quality products.  But that's not my favorite part.  This is:

They zip together to form one warm, cozy, enormous sleeping bag.  And that, my friends, is genius.  I got all nostalgic when I rolled them out and zipped them together this time.  They really are 20 years old.  A little worn.  The zippers protest and stick a bit.  But they're still great.  Best of all, they allow me to share in the heater that is Husband so that I do not get chilled when sleeping with only a thin tarp-like tent bottom between me and the ground.

New pup Bailey did great camping - only venturing off to the neighboring campsite once or twice to lick their campfire grill clean.  We did a lot of geocaching - if you have boy children you probably already know what this is and how much fun it can be.  For those of you who haven't been introduced to this outdoor treasure hunting, read about it here.  We even attended the Texas Challenge 2012 at Ray Roberts State Park last weekend where Reid bid on and won this in the silent auction:

Yes, those are empty tins of Altoids.  Why, you might ask, would anyone need a pyramid of empty Altoid tins?  To use as geocache boxes, of course.  Fill them with treasures for others to find.  Husband gets all the credit for introducing the family to this a few years ago when the boys found a cache in the Community Park in Port Aransas and had no idea what it was.  We've come a long way.

We hiked a lot and cooked food over an open fire pit and the boys fought over who got to lay in the hammock (that is also almost 20 years old).  The only bad thing was the tick I found on me after returning home.  All those boys and the dog and it picked me.  Of course.  I plucked it off when I realized the reflection in the bathroom mirror revealed an extra freckle -- wait a minute -- that's not a freckle!  Unfortunately, in my haste to remove the nasty thing with tweezers, the head detached from the body and is still imbedded.  In me.  Yuck.  But the CDC website assures me that Lyme Disease is rarer than one might think, that it's best to get the tick off of you quickly (even if they are beheaded) and that you should keep it clean and it will heal.  My efforts to dig out the head with a needle, even with assistance from first one boy, then Husband, were unsuccessful.  I'm only slightly paranoid and checking myself about 20 times a day for a bull's eye rash and flu-like symptoms.  Good times.      


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