Monday, March 5, 2012

Home stinky home...

There isn't a made bed in the house.  There are wet towels thrown over the unmade beds, discarded hastily by my boys as they raced to catch the school bus this morning.  There are no groceries in the house, so the boys ate Little Debbie Cream Pies for breakfast and will eat lunch in the cafeteria.  I managed to cut their fingernails and toenails (the two out of three that needed it) because I just couldn't imagine sending them to school with those dirt caked talons.  Even after a shower, there was still some embedded dirt.

But they are now all at school and I can survey the damage.

This is what it's like when we return home after a weekend away.  We were greeted by dirty dishes in the sink and something stank-y in the garbage can.  The back storm door was unlocked, as was the regular door.  What in the world?  We actually left for a weekend with the back door unlocked?

But it was all fine.  Another reason we're glad we live on a quiet and relatively safe street.  We are so absentminded as to leave a door unlocked when we leave town.  That's what bothers me.  What else did I forget?  Might I forget?  I could drive myself crazy asking questions like that.

So I'll set to work this morning getting everything in order:  turning on the heat, starting the dishwasher and washing machine, unpacking bags, going to the grocery store, even getting some writing done.

Something still stinks.  I think it might be the compost container, not the garbage.  

It's good to be home.  


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