Monday, February 27, 2012

Science fair project...times two

I fully expected Husband to be back to help with this.  Only he's not.  His 45 day trip out in the Gulf has turned in to 55 days and counting.  So it was all up to me this weekend.  You got this!  

Fortunately, Hayden let me know on Friday after school that his science fair project, the one that had been looming since the fall, that he had been working on piece by piece, was indeed going to have to be completed.  By Tuesday.

Science fair projects are not my favorite.  They make me scared.  And I wasn't going to avoid this one.  Not only that, but because we are lucky enough to have TWINS...I got to help with not one, but TWO science fair projects this weekend.

We tackled Hayden's first on Saturday.  He had already written a paper about his subject - Iron - for his English class, so we just had to type and print and find lots of good pictures.  Then we had to do a lot of cutting and pasting.  Since I'm a font freak, we also searched for the perfect one on  Free downloadable fonts.  Love that site.

I hate glue.  Glue sticks don't work that great and Elmer's school glue leaves lumps and bleeds.  So we tried something new this year - Elmer's spray glue.  It works.  But what a mess.  I woke up in the middle of the night and I swear my hand was stuck to my cheek.  For just a second.  I  also had to mop the floor where the overspray landed.  But the finished product looked pretty good.

After church on Sunday, it was on to Reid's.  Same drill.  Only Reid had already typed and printed out his sections at school and had specific things in mind for his font.  He wanted simple.  So as not to detract from the brilliance of Calcium (his topic).  We got to work:  just pictures and cutting and glue.

This one went way faster.  He was all about, "Just the facts, ma'am."  Hayden, however, took forever to pick his layout and switched it up several times and was still questioning it all as he walked out the door this morning.  Yin.  Yang.  The Scientist.  The Artist.  Tomato.  Tomahto.  Can't call the whole thing off.    

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