Friday, February 10, 2012

Music lov-ah

On the way home from dinner last night at church (Empty Bowls, a very worthy cause) one of the twins was singing along with the radio.  Or so I thought.  He was really singing another song by the same artist.  He belted out something like this:

"The dog days are o-o-over
the dog days are o-o-over
Run fast for your mother
Run fast for your father..."

Something like that.

"How did you know the words?" I asked, since he was singing them ahead of time.

"Easy.  I know that song," he said.

"Who sings it?" I was trying to stump him.

"Florence and The Machine, Mom.  Everybody knows that,"  the boy said.


He continued.  "Only I don't like this song - it's her new one - "Shake it Out".  I like "Dog Days are Over".


"Yeah.  She was on Saturday Night Live."

Yes my children watch Saturday Night Live and I wholeheartedly endorse it.  Don't judge me.  I would watch it with them but I'm usually so tired by the time it comes on that I have to record it and watch it the next day so we can laugh about it.  The point here is that Hayden pays attention way more than he lets on.  I don't know why I was surprised at this.  Maybe because he's so quiet much of the time unless he's fighting with his brothers.  That, he protests quite loudly.

I sat down with this music lover to go over his options for electives next year, when he'll be in big ol' middle school.  Registration for that is going on now.  Sixth grade has few choices:  Band, Art, Choir and Orchestra.  They can only pick one and must list their first and second choices.  He was torn.  He desperately wants to try an instrument and if you don't do it in 6th grade, you're pretty much left behind.  But he loves Art.  Always has.  Choosing sucked.  But the school was making his decision for him - he had to pick Band for his first choice if he was going to find out whether or not he had a knack for playing an instrument.  Saxophone is on his mind.

I cringe a little at thinking that he won't have an art teacher next year - something he has loved throughout elementary school.  But he'll have a band director for the first time.  In 7th grade, he can pick up another elective - so he can add Art then.  Hopefully he can make it through one year without it.  Me as well - I love when he brings home things he has done at school.  I'll just have to commission some artwork from him on my own, I guess.  

On a side note, someone left flowers on my porch this week.
No note or anything.  Pretty sure it was my super awesome neighbor, Molly.  In any case, it lifted my spirits and made me miss Husband at the same time.  He's been gone 38 days.  But I'll write about that later...

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  1. Super terrific neighbor Kristin left the flowers. I live on the best street ever!