Monday, January 9, 2012

Time to read

I am so excited to have this ginormous book in my hands.  I've been on the waiting list at the library since it came out in November.  They emailed me yesterday and told me it was ready.  I couldn't get there fast enough to pick it up.  

I'm not a fanatic about Stephen King, but I do love him.  The Stand is his best, but he's got so many good ones.  His memoir, On Writing, is my favorite.  I just re-read it recently, now that I'm trying this writing thing full time.

So...instead of writing, I'm READING.  (Which Stephen King encourages lots of in his aforementioned book.)

It is so heavy that I kind of have to prop it up on the covers in between turning pages.  849 pages.  I read the first 30 or so last night.  It's good.

And as I took this picture at the kitchen table this morning, look what I saw:

Those are drilled HOLES in my table.  Good thing I'm not a freak out mom.  I knew exactly who had committed this crime:  Hawkins.  He was busy modifying his Nerf gun all afternoon yesterday and this had involved pulling out Husband's tools.  I was aware that he had stripped a screw and eventually broken off a part of his gun, but all in all he seemed happy with his work.

So, as he ate his Froot Loops this morning I pointed out the holes.  "Uh.  Yeah.  That was an accident."

And you know what?  That was enough for me.

On to reading.


  1. I guess I need to give Hawk a lesson with my drill. This is what happens when a man does not have a garage.

  2. OMG We just replaced my kitchen sink. Daughter dribbled paint all over and didn't wash out when painting her room a few years back. Just replaced the kitchen table; both kids dropped globs of glue when doing projects and cut nicks when carving pumpkins.