Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And this is why I love Aquaman

Aquaman has been gone for two weeks. Two more weeks to go. I'm not gonna lie - I was ready for him to get on that boat. He was able to be home for over two months this summer. That is a loooooooong time with three boys off from school and one Aquaman off from work. I was exhausted. We played and played and played. We went to Mobile, Alabama, and Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We went to Houston (twice), Galveston (twice), Jasper, Brownwood, and Eureka Springs, Arkansas - all to see family. And I was done.

Done with people, done with visiting. Done with human interaction. I was so ready for everyone to just, please, go back to their regular schedules.

So, of course, I got what I wanted.

School started yesterday, much to my delight. But it was a hell of a lot of work getting ready for it. School clothes and shoes and athletic gear had to be bought. Massive trips to the grocery store. School supplies (I swear, I am never buying another set of map pencils or markers. Ever.) and band supplies.

The day before school started, Aquaman called for his weekly, 20 minute, crappy connection, satellite phone call and wished all the boys luck on their first day. He said he wished he could be there for it. "Be glad you're not," I said as I supervised Thing 1 cleaning up his side of the room he shares with Thing 2.

It was a rude awakening getting up so early - for me and the boys.

The twins had to be at football practice at 6:30 a.m. This is Texas, remember?

I managed to get a shot of all three of them on the swing before we left. It was still dark. They were not amused.

Yippee! First day of school!

I got back from dropping off Thing 1 and Thing 2 just in time to see The Redhead off on his bike.

It's blurry. Because I was sleepy. And he was movin' fast.
Quit following me.
He met up with a neighbor from up the street to ride together. They're both freshmen, both redheads.

The Redheaded Freshmen Club
And I had peace. Mostly. 

I had to drop off paperwork for two of the three boys that have life threatening allergies and asthma. This did not go smoothly. We had a parent meeting for football after school. We didn't eat until 7:30 or so. There were lots and lots of papers to sign and more forms to fill out and school supplies to organize and syllabi to look over. Everyone was tired. Helping three kids get organized for football and band and all of their classes is a lot of work. 

I wished Aquaman was there with us.  

We did it all over again today, only this time Thing 2 forgot his schedule that I absolutely had to drop off for him at the middle school and The Redhead forgot his schedule that I absolutely had to drop off for him at the high school. 

Then the UPS man came and left a package on our front porch swing. It was from Aquaman. But how could that be? I inspected the routing and saw the name of a friend of ours in Galveston. Aquaman left Port Bolivar two weeks before. He must have gotten our friend to mail it in time for the start of school. 

So he was kinda with us, after all.  

Here are the things Aquaman sent:

Our haul.
For The Redhead: A TAMUG sticker, coasters and t-shirt.
For Thing 1: A "Throwing Set" (whatever that is - I know it's sharp and dangerous, okay?) and electronic circuit set.
For Thing 2: A Zippo lighter (he collects these. Don't judge. I know a 12-year-old boy doesn't need a Zippo collection. But still.) and an Aggie water bottle. 
For Me: Coffee (God bless him), a TAMUG coffee mug, and a book on Galveston architecture. 

I cried. He takes care of us. 

I can't wait for the boys to come home and go through their loot. 

And this is why I love Aquaman.

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