Friday, May 11, 2012

I love a rainy night

It's been rainy here.  It started falling last night and continues.  I have fought the urge to take a nap all day,  and now it's too late.  So I did these other things to occupy my time.

I am making Pioneer Woman's meatloaf.  I have never made any other meatloaf except for my mother's recipe that involved part ground beef and part ground veal or pork.  It's my favorite.  But P-dub has one that involves wrapping the loaves in bacon.  Enough said.

I finally found something that will make my house smell like our neighbor Molly's.  Her house always smells so good - but lemon is the only scent in the mixture that I can identify.  I switched to Lysol lemon scented to clean.  It smells good, but not like Molly's.  But today, I stumbled across this Paula Deen candle.

Lemon Basil.  I've been burning it all afternoon.  Mission accomplished.

I also made a wreath.  I love wreaths, but I'm not very crafty.  I just picked out a bunch of felt flowers and owls that were on sale at Michael's and gave in and bought myself a glue gun.  Here's the result.

Quit.  I know it's not great, but it makes me happy.  

As long as you're making fun of me, I might as well really give you something to laugh at.  Remember that song by Eddie Rabbitt?  "I Love a Rainy Night."  Well, I adored that song.  Still do.  I think I'll go listen to it now.

And later, I'm going to watch a movie, snuggled in my bed with whatever boys will join me.  One of my favorite spooky movies, perfect for a rainy night, is Fallen with Denzel Washington, John Goodman, and Donald Sutherland.  Oh my gracious it is good.  All about fallen angels and good versus evil.  I love me a good versus evil movie.

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